Lockdown Alert Level 3 Policies & Procedures

We are pleased to announce that our offices are open!

We are committed to ensuring the safety, wellbeing and health of clients, staff, estate agents and their respective families by complying with the COVID-19 workplace protocols and procedures:

Workplace Protocols and Procedures

  • Most of our sales staff will be working from home.
  • Staff and agents above the age of 60 years, as well as those with comorbidities, will be working from home until such time as the Risk Officer permits them to work from the office.
  • As the lockdown regulations are relaxed or amended, more staff and agents will be phased in at the discretion of the Risk Officer.
  • Public access to the office will be limited to staff only. In the case of unavoidable client visits in the office, only 2 visitors/ clients will be permitted to enter the business premises at a time. After each client visit the surfaces will be sanitised in the meeting area.
  • Anyone entering the business premises will be contingent on the wearing of the appropriate cloth face mask and adhere to the business’ prescribed hand sanitising protocols and social distancing of 1.5 meters between individuals.
  • All staff and estate agents will be working face masks and have hand sanitizers.

BASIC access to the workplace protocols

  • Symptom checking/ screening form will be done before entering the premises
  • Temperature screening of all staff, agents and visitors. Any person with a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and above will not be granted access to the premises
  • No one displaying any visible cold/ flu symptoms will be permitted access to the office.
  • The office register will be completed correctly.
  • Face mask must be fitted properly – no face mask, no entry.
  • Hand sanitising must be done at the checkpoint.
  • Should any person have been in contact with anyone exposed to COVID-19 or anyone suspected of being COVID-19 positive, they will not be permitted to enter the premises and will be referred to have a COVID-10 test conducted.
  • The right of admission is reserved.

Property viewings

  • It is by exception only that property viewings may take place and it will be in agreement with all the relevant parties and under the strict adherence to the conditions of the company COVID-19 policies.
  • Upon the confirmation of the meeting, both the Seller/ occupants of the property and the Buyer/Tenant will receive a copy of the company COVID viewing policy either via e-mail or WhatsApp.
  • Both the Seller/ occupants of the property and the Buyer/ Tenant coming to view the property must complete the waiver forms and return to the agent BEFORE viewings may take place.
  • Both the Seller/occupants and the Buyer/ Tenant must complete the screening document and send on to the agent on the day of the viewing BEFORE the viewing will be conducted. Without the screening document and waiver document, the viewing may not take place.
  • The agent will record all the particulars of those attending the viewing (for contact tracing purposes) and their screening results and send on to the Risk Officer along with the waiver form.
  • All parties will travel to the property in their own vehicles. Agents may under no circumstances drive anyone to a viewing.
  • Agents may not conclude contracts or meetings at their homes with clients.
  • Once the agent and Buyer/ Tenant arrives, the agent must phone the Seller/ occupants who will then exit the property for the duration of the viewing.
  • The viewing parties will exit their vehicles with their face masks fitted property.
  • Social distancing must be adhered to and no handshaking will be permitted.
  • The agent will provide hand sanitiser for both the Buyer/ Tenant and himself/herself to sanitise their hands BEFORE entering the property.
  • It is the agents’ responsibility to temperature screen the persons attending the viewing BEFORE entering the premises.
  • Once inside the property, no one may touch any object, surface, door handle or window opener. In the case of anyone touching anything, the agent must immediately wipe off the area/object with sanitising wipes/ disposable cloths.
  • Viewings must be kept to an absolute minimum and must be kept brief. No lingering in the property unnecessarily.
  • Once the viewing is completed, the agent must phone the Seller/ occupant and inform them

Estate agents who enter the homes of sellers and tenants will at all times adhere to social distancing, wear a cloth face mask, sanitise their hands and ensure that there may never be more than 2 persons in the property with the agent.

If the clients attending the viewing do not adhere to any of the protocols or show any flu-like symptoms, the viewing will not proceed. The agents is to report any non-compliance to the Risk Officer immediately.

Property Inspections

  • The same protocols of the viewings above.
  • Only the exiting Tenant may attend the inspection of the vacant property and inspections will only be conducted once the property has been cleaned after the furniture have been moved.
  • It is the Tenants responsibility to open all doors, windows, drawers and cupboards for the agent. If there is no Tenant present, the agent must wear surgical gloves whilst doing the inspection and property dispose thereof when exiting the property.
  • Continuous hand sanitising is required during inspections and everyone attending the inspection must wear a properly fitted face mask.
  • No sharing of pens are permitted.

Once a moving-in inspection is being conducted, the same conduct is required in terms of social distancing, sanitising, face masks and a limited amount of persons to attend as the property viewings and exit inspections.

Agents are expected to sanitise their vehicles regularly.