Reopening of the Deeds Office during Lockdown

Reopening of the Deeds Office during Lockdown

We welcome the reopening of the Deeds Office as the property sector continues to battle the lull caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the national lockdown restrictions. The reopening of the deeds office today (13th May 2020) allows for the conclusion of property transfer to commence.

It is important to note that deed offices operate independently and processing is dependent on all offices opening with limited staff. In addition, conveyancers have returned to work to assist with the processing of property transfers and the issuing of rates clearance certificates. For buyers, it means property acquisitions can reach finality, although until regulations relax further, moving into their new homes is restricted given the fact the removal companies are not allowed to operate.

Property buyers with property transfers already submitted to the Deeds Office should bear in mind that municipal clearance certificates will have lapsed and need to be done again. Several city councils have been moving to an electronic issuing of clearance certificates, which allows for them to operate in a safe environment, it is advisable to consult with your municipality or property agent if these measures are in place within your district. Transfer duty receipts are available from SARS who are operational at all Alert levels.

For clients who have previously contacted the Grosch Properties family, we would encourage you to make contact with our support team and/or agents today to help you with your sale, purchase or transfers.

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